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Othello, variation pour trois acteurs | Cie duZieu (English)

Spectres de l’Europe

/Othello, variation pour trois acteurs

In a powerful merchant republic, heart and lung of the European economy (Venice), the marriage of an Arab general (Othello) with the daughter of a rich senator (Desdemona) causes a scandal. But the State needs the foreigner to lead a military intervention in Cyprus, a Western trading post coveted by the Turkish rival. And in the midst of the battle : that (poor) devil Iago, that vile Arlequin, selling hot air, spreading anxiety, working patiently at bringing down all things to the logic of competition, that servant pushing to its extreme the nihilism of his masters. In Othello, Shakespeare’s language was already weaving together the fields of human and economic relationships : trust bites on credit, duty slips towards debt, victories and defeats are announced as profits and losses… Our version of the play, with « Cypriot clowns » as actors, goes beyond the fantasy of the foreigner (desirable and hateful), in order to address the altogether political construction of an obscure affect (jealousy), the manipulation of signals (in the continuous flow of information), the race towards the worst that springs from it.
This play, technically very light, has been conceived to be performed in non-theatrical locations (community halls, social centres, prisons, schools…)

Today the State cannot do without Othello :
His involvement in the conflicts of the Middle East is so visible
That they have noone of his calibre to conduct their business.
Those circumstances compel me to cover up my hatred
With the signs of love, but they are nothing but signs :
I am not what I am.

Conception : Nathalie Garraud and Olivier Saccomano Writing: Olivier Saccomano, freely translated and adapted from William Shakespeare Stage direction : Nathalie Garraud Assistants Florian Onnein Acting : Mitsou Doudeau or Laure Giappiconi (alternately, Conchita Paz or Charly Totterwitz (alternately), Cédric Michel Stage design : Jeff Garraud Costume : Sarah Leterrier, assisted by Sabrina Noiraux General production: Guillaume Tesson Administration : Ariane Salesne

/ Coproduction avec le Théâtre du Beauvaisis – Scène nationale de l’Oise en préfiguration, Le Safran – Scène conventionnée d’Amiens

Othello, variation pour trois acteurs was first created in January 2014 at the Théâtre du Beauvaisis in Beauvais. It was performed at the Avignon Festival – 68th edition. The text is published at Les Solitaires Intempestifs.



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